How to choose just that right combination for solids and prints can be challenging until it clicks. We are happy to look at your closet and help you plan outfits. “A Little or a lot, we will sort it out together!”

Prints vs. solids: What percentage of your wardrobe do you actually want to be comprised of prints? Some people wear prints all the time, for others they’re more of an accent.
Scale: Do you tend to prefer large scale prints, small scale, or a mixture of both?
Contrast: Do the prints you like use lots of contrasting, bold colors? Or are they more tonal and subdued?
Naturalism: Do you feel drawn to flowing, organic, or naturalistic prints? Or are strong, abstract, geometric designs your thing? Or are there versions of both that you love?
Mood: There are hundreds of styles of prints. Are there prints you choose that relate to your 5 style words?

Types of prints

Stripes, checks, and plaids
Classic striped designs like these can be printed on fabric, or woven or knitted in. The designs can be loud and colorful, or quiet and textural.

Dots & dots
When you think of dots, you may first think of classic polka dot patterns. But there are plenty of other types of dotted patterns. Usually, there is an abstract motif (a circle or other shape) laid out in a gridded formation.

Of course, dots and stripes can also be considered geometrics, but these days there are many other geometric prints available.

Floral prints

Flowers have been a consistent motif in print design for centuries. From big and lush florals to tiny ditsy prints, abstracted designs to photo realistic digital prints, florals take on so many moods. Sometimes they can be almost geometric, sometimes they can be used as dot motifs, and sometimes they are more naturalistic.

Animal prints

Animal print can be worn in so many ways. Some people wear it almost like a neutral, particularly leopard print. Of course, it can also be quite loud. I feel that animal print is a love it or hate it type of print.

Novelty printed fabric

Novelty prints are plentiful, particularly in the world of quilting. Novelty prints are usually thematic and representational, depicting people, animals, or objects. They often used to be referred to as “conversation prints.”